Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mad libs

Back yet again with looks and let me cut right to the chase --

9-6 001

- navy dress with design
- white belt
- boots

Oh boots…how I love thee :)

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your supportive comments from my last post.  You all are so wonderful and I’m so blessed to have a community to help lift my spirits like you do!  This is definitely a tough thing to get through and I believe, with everyone’s support, I will get there.

Now, for my art journal I’ve been working on for the first quarter, I had to do five entries based on “I like ______ because it’s ______.”  Fun, right?  Well so far I have “I like peanut butter because it goes perfectly with bananas.”, “I like fashion because I can express myself.”, “I like Audrey Hepburn because she inspires me.”, “I like NYC because it amazes me.” and my fifth one I have yet to come up with.  I think I might possibly do “I like the morning because it refreshes me.” but I’m not sure how to depict that.  In case you wondering why on earth I’m sharing this with you it’s because I want you readers to do a bit of mad libbing, what would you fill in for “I like ______ because it’s __________.”? Btw – I will definitely be sharing some of those drawings very soon :)

And I forgot to share my newest addition to my room with you!  It’s nothing big, but let me shed some light on it for you *bad pun*…

9-6 072

My new lamp :) It’s b-e-a-utiful!

No wonder they put the good in HomeGoods

Things left on the room to-do list:

  1. Get another lamp for my other dresser
  2. More pillows
  3. Hang up my artwork
  4. Get curtains
  5. Hang up a bulletin board

And if I think of anything else, you’re most likely going to hear about it!

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this, but if you have any questions or wish to talk to me outside the blog, please feel free to send me an email.  For those of you that don’t know it Yeah I know, I made it up in like the sixth grade :) It probably needs to change soon..

Alright, well that’ll be it.  Tomorrow I work after school, so there may or may not be a post for you to read. 

sweet dreams!


  1. i like GLEE because they sing & are totally akward & lea michelle is the lead & i love spring awakening.
    a little much?

    love love the lamp!

    ps--thank you soo much for supporting my journey, i am very grateful

  2. I like Dogs because they are a girls best friend

    Just stopping by to say i am following you and i love your blog

  3. I like sunshine because it fills me with happiness :)

    I cant wait to see photos of your artwork. And i bet your room will look stunning when its done!


  4. Oh boots, how I love thee, as well. This may be my favorite look of yours thus far - you look so grown up with your hair pulled back!

    Ooh, I used to love mad libbing. Here's mine:

    -I like boots because they make me feel fashionable not frumpy.

    -I like pumpkin patches because they bring out the kid in me.

    -I like Starbucks because I would cease to exist without caffeine.

    I had way too much fun with this - I could go on for ages! :)

  5. I like my Macbook because it continues to introduce me to new things.

    Umm and I LOVE you outfit post because you are the cutest girl ever. hahaha

  6. I like YOU because you are amazing.

    Love that lamp. Have a great Friday.

  7. *jaw drops* Emily, hun...just STUNNING <3

    Hmm...I like YOUR BLOG (and YOU), because it's just that fantastic:)

  8. awesome boots! so love the dress too. Pretty lamp? What color will your pillows be? Good luck with your room.

  9. Another Boots lover :)
    The belt is so fashionable!

    I can't think of a sentence now, maybe later? :)


  10. Wow, you look gorgeous. The dress looks so pretty on you! And I'm loving those boots.

  11. absolutely adore your outfit, and the lamp. love your dress.