Sunday, October 4, 2009

lazy sundays


boredom at its finest..

9-6 008

What can I say, Sundays will do that to ya :]
I decided to go for a darker blue!
I don't know about you, but I'm likin it.

What is your favorite fall hue?


Today went considerably well for my first day on the “snacking” plan.  Yes, I am supposed to now add two snacks throughout the day – midmorning, afternoon, or after dinner.  For my first intended snack EVER (that’s right, I have never been a snacker and wasn’t planning on becoming one especially with ED) I had a PB&J Clif Mojo Dipped Bar.  Mighty good I must say, it tasted very similar to the old classic itself.  Along with the snacks, I’ve still been hung up on black beans, I can’t get enough!  I’m hooked on those Amy’s burritos, they are pretty darn yummy.  In fact, today I burnt my tongue on one of ‘em.  *Note to self: let burrito cool before putting into mouth*

Well since it’s Sunday, the much anticipated weekly Desperate Housewives will be on tonight!  I knew you were excited ;]  If you keep up with the show, who is your favorite out of all the housewives?

I’ve managed to really skimp on watching all my shows this fall.  I know tivo is made for this kind of thing, but I like watching it right when it comes on for the first time.  But I did catch up on the Grey’s Anatomy I missed last week and I caught up on the City a couple nights ago. 

Gotta go and maybe do a little hw before primetime…



I thought this was funny :]


  1. DH isn't back in Ireland yet but I love Lynette!
    My favorite autumn colour is the rust colour of the leaves. I adore this time of year.
    I'm the same about wanting to watch a show when it's on. If i miss it I'd rather watch the repeats later in the week.

  2. I can't even remember the last time I painted my toe nails -- probably because last time I did I got more on my toes than my nais.. yeah, I wasn't born to be a pedicurist (is that a word?)

    J'adore the golden hues of fall!

  3. Doesn't painting your toenails just make the world a bit brighter? Adding that little bit of color makes a foot so much prettier.
    I like any polish that reminds me of fall foliage. Deep mossy greens, shimmery coppers and golds, rich browns and burgandys. <3

  4. haha I love the little cartoon at the end, so true isn't it? Aw you gotta love weekends. :)

  5. For fall my favorite nail polish colors are black reds and bronze shades. They just seem so perfect for the autumn months! :)

    It's sad to say, but I have lost track of all of my favorite shows. That's what happens when you get rid of cable. Though it's not all bad, I've had the chance to read and blog quite a bit more than I would have if I were watching TV. :)

  6. I love that dark blue polish. But I'm currently obsessed with really dark red.

  7. love that animation, and you nail color.

  8. Hahaa..the cartoon is too funny(seems to portray my weekends)
    Def love that dark blue:) I just bought a dark purple..excited to try it out!