Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Day

Hey there,

I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday, it was the rescheduled HC football game, which I’m happy to say that my school won :)  Also, double apology, because Sunday I totally forgot to do Sum-it-up Sunday, so look forward to that again this week.

Alright so my looks -

9-6 001

- heart t-shirt
- black skirt with belt
- sweater leggings
- boots

9-6 002

- striped blouse
- cami
- jean leggings
- keds
- belt

The past two days have been good, yesterday more than today.  I feel like I am finally really showing my more outgoing side to people…shocking I know :) I am reaching out to more groups and becoming friends with more people, which I am so excited about.  On Monday, yesterday, I looked back on the day and could actually think to myself “Today was a good day..”  Think about how often days are really good, yes everyday is a gift, but when I have a really good day, I know for sure.  How can you tell it has been a really good day? 

As far as my eats…I’ve been having a hard time.  ED has got me wanting to restrict again.  ERGGG, I was doing so well, then he shows up and ruins it.  While I’m still maintaining my whole snacking thing, I am really struggling.  This is such a hard process, but then again, no one said it would be easy.  Just looking at all the girls who are blogging about recovery and making it through the finish line, makes me want to continue on this journey, but at the same time I’m wondering how I will get through it myself.

Short post, I’m afraid.  Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on my homecoming dress and me all dolled up, you guys are way too sweet.  I hope maybe to put more pictures up, but I don’t want to do it without my friends permission. 

Have a great Tuesday night :)


  1. Emily,

    It's a really good day when people you love are happy and safe. That's how you pass on your really good day to us.

    It was so much fun to see your room after watching it come together on your blog. In person, it's as dreamy as a cloud. And you? Your photos everyday show your style and beauty, but can't quite capture the incredible sparkle in your eyes. Amazing! Love you...Aunt M

  2. Emily,

    You are truly an inspiration to all. Can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs and to see the growth you have made. ED does NOT have you, you have IT now and you are the one in control. Keep up the good work. You don't really know me, but I am your Dad's cousin and I am so very proud of the young woman you are becoming. Stay strong!! Kathi xoxo

  3. it is so hard to keep going. I am thinking the same things a lot of the time.. wondering how I am going to keep going on with this battle. I know I will, because of all the awesome support in "blog land"..
    You and me both , girl, will get through this together :)
    Love YOU and your look books! you are tres chic

  4. Hey girl!
    Congrats on your school's win! And you look so beautiful in your outfits! Keep you head up and keep persevering! I am continually awed by your strength, openness and desire to succeed! You. are. amazing!

  5. Both looks are great but I especially love the first one. I adore that skirt and belt!

  6. Hi Emily,

    not sure if I ever commented on your blog but I've been on it before. Might I add that you have such a cool style and it's all your own! Opening up to people is so much fun. Making new friends is something I really enjoy :) and it's nice to think like.. "wow these people actually want to get to know me!" I also want to let you know that I believe in you! I know I don't know you and all but the fact that recovery is a possibility, and that you wrote that you're struggling shows that you do want to push forward. Just remember what you want! Life is full of problems, but it's what you do to deal with them that makes life meaningful. It can still be beautiful :)

    Cheer up buttercup!


  7. ED will resurface time and time again. Sometimes, just when you think he's gone for good - poof, he appears. I've been battling ED for years - I was doing so well for quite some time, then everything went downhill again. It takes a great support system, and the ability to mentally combat him whenever he arises. You're on the right track - continue to enjoy your snacks, and if you have to drown out ED's voice in your head, blast music; that's what I used to do. You can do it - we all know you can! :)

  8. I know exactly how you feel... wondering how you can find the strength to keep going till the end... wondering WHEN the end will come...
    Its hard but sometimes I think its better to just take each day at a time. Wake up to a brand new day, a new start, a new challenge. I find it easier to handle this way :)

    Lots of love. Keep smiling!
    XO. Hannah