Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Happy Tuesday :)

First and foremost – I want to thank you all for all the supportive comments you’ve been leaving!  It’s so wonderful to know that I have a whole group of people, who I haven’t even met, that care about me and how I’m doing.  Lots of love to all of you.

Alright so here was my look for today -

9-6 003- white tank
- gray blazer with pin-stripe
- skinny jeans and gold belt
- boots

And also this morning, before the madre snapped the above picture, I got a shot of this out my bedroom window…

9-6 001 and this is why I love the morning

My grades have made their way into my head again.  I talked to my therapist about it and she said something that really clicked with me.  My obsessing over my school work and grades is the equivalent of my ED.  It’s an unhealthy energy being put towards something.  Obviously it is wonderful to do well in school, but when you have the wrong thoughts about it, it becomes a problem.  I keep on comparing my grades to last year and beating myself up because I feel as though I’m not studying enough.  But the truth is – last year I excessively studied and that’s practically all I did.  So in correlation with ED – I restrict and then whenever I don’t I beat myself up about it, see the similarity?  The same thing, but different aspects of life.  Hopefully I can learn to live in balance before I reach my 80’s…I’m trying to be optimistic ;)

Anywho – okay now it’s truly fall here, yeah yeah, I know…I’ve said that how many times? But, no, seriously it is a-fra-eeeeezing here as of late.   Time to break out the warm fuzzy coats!  Speaking of coats :) I have my eye on one in particular that I am absolutely craving.  I know my cravings are supposed to be on Saturdays only, but I can’t wait that long to spill!  At my local outlet mall there is a white long coat with big black buttons that I fantasize about, however, I have yet to go and actually buy it, because I’m pretty sure I’ll have to use my own work money.  So what do ya think, should I buy it or wait?

Alright, I have been slacking a little.  It’s time for a long overdue…

*announcer voice*

Daily Q&A

Q: What is your absolute favorite Halloween candy?

A: As of now, I don’t wait until Halloween anymore, because Tootsie Pops are a daily treat for me.  They are the perfect little dessert that I designate a special drawer to in my room where I keep my stash.  My favorite flavors are probably the blue and the red. 

Okay, well I’m off to get some shut eye…

:) enjoy your night!


  1. swedish berries.
    and mini chocolates!

    thats so true.. that ED is a NEGATIVE ENEGERY. I should be postive and think about OTHER POSITIVE THINGS!!
    This post really clicked with me.
    thank you , love.


  2. Hippie hippie shake! LOL, love your outfit--as usual, you gorgeous girl:)

    Obsessing over anything is bad, be it something 'necessary' as schoolwork or food. Balance! I'm sure you'll manage just fine, sweetie<3

    Tootsie pops! CUTE :D I remember eating candy corn like crazy when I was a kid...then getting sick of it afterwards. Too much of a good thing? :D

  3. I am loving your gray blazer. But even more so, your choice of candy. I think we may be soul sisters, Emily! I too have Tootsie Pops on hand all the time. I keep a little pink bucket full of them on my desk and indulge in a few each day. I especially splurge on them around Halloween - it's the only time of year when they make mini Tootsie Pops...so cute! :)

    As for the coat...I think you need to contemplate how much it's on your mind. If you think about it 24/7, or a similar amount of time...buy it! Otherwise, wait to see if something else catches your eye. You could, of course, try it on to see if it's everything you imagine it to be! :)

  4. chocolate it has to be :)
    love your outfit, and great nighttime view.

  5. as an avid perfectionist I can completely relate the the feeling of inadequacies that ED consumes us with... it's stressful and frustrating -- but sometimes you just have to take a step back and realize that we're human.. humans aren't perfect and that is why we're so beautiful :)

    stay warm honey!

  6. You look so pretty and comfy and stylish! Love your look (but when do I don't you are so stylish). Girl, you seem so strong and mature. And the first step towards solving a problem is the willingness to admit it and do something about it. So you have already won half the battle! I am sure your family and friends are so proud of the young woman you are and who you are becoming. You are truly inspiring!

  7. You are so stylish. Love that you have a style at a young age.

    It's good that you channeled your energy to your school grades. But don't be so obsessive about it. Learn to balance work and play. And smile a lot.

    I love Tootsie Pops/Rolls.