Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dare to dream

Hey there,

Happy Wednesday..or how about TIRING Wednesday..

I had an okay day, nothing special, I just wanted to go to sleep all day.  Tomorrow is Thursday which is great, because Thursday’s are my favorite day of the week!  However, that doesn’t mean I’m not counting down the hours until the weekend…school is so stressful and draining.

Okie doke. Here’s some thoughts that have been reeling…

Lately I’ve been thinking (no shocker there) about everything in my future and how quick time is going by.  I honestly can’t believe how I can be in high seems like I was in the fifth grade yesterday.  It’s strange, but really, it is just reality and something that everyone needs to face sooner or later.  I’m choosing to face it now – life is short.  When someone asks me now what I want to do when I grow up, I say everything.  Because that is the truth, I want to be everything that I’ve dreamed of.  Now this may or may not happen, but I will at least try to be everything I want to be.  When one career ends, why stop there?  There is no reason to stop pursuing my dreams no matter what age I may be.  If you are only given one life to live, I think it’s best to do whatever you truly desire.  So I’m here to say – go after your dreams, don’t settle for anything.

Well enough serious stuff,

let’s get to my looks – yes I say it plural, because I had one of those “I don’t know what to freaking wear” mornings.  So between pulling my hair out, here are some looks I sported.



I went with the one on the right

- layered tank with design (kinda hard to see)
- jeans
- boots

Alrighty that’s it for tonight folks

Enjoy this cool, fall night!


  1. Both looks are AWESOME! Your hair looks really cute in a pony tail and I love that layered tank look. Oh and it is crazy how time flies! The years seem to go by so slowly when you are little. But as you get older time just flies by, I wanna just reach out and hold it down!

  2. Great choice...I was hoping you'd wear that outfit.

    Dream big and you'll get what you deserve to be. Hugs!

  3. awesome outfit :)

    Always go for ALL your dreams.. you know that silly quote " shoot for the moon.. but if you miss, at least you will always land amungst the stars".. quite true, I think!


  4. Both extremely cute looks. Your boots look so lovely and fuzzy and warm.
    I think you shouldn't hold yourself down to just one career. Keep dreaming and keep trying and you'll be happy. I'm not going to go looking for one career in particular. I mean I have ones that I want to do, but if something that I'd never thought of before sounds good and an opportunity comes knocking, I'll take it.
    Hope you have a good Thursday. :)

  5. Loving those boots!
    And what you said about dreams is so true. Life is too short and too precious to waste living it half-heartedly. There's no dress rehersal - this is the real thing! And if we're not careful, it will pass us by. What more motivation for recovery and health could we need?!

    Have a great day Emily xoxo

  6. I absolutely adore the way you set up your pictures in this post - it's fabulous! You have the most gorgeous hair - I love how straight, thick, and shiny it gorgeous!

    I have to admit...the future scares me to a certain extent. I'm on the verge of finishing up my Bachelor's degree, and I feel confused and apprehensive about what will happen next in my life. I think you just have to see where life takes you, and be directed by that. It's not surprising that you feel as if life has passed you by so quickly; honestly, I feel as if I lost years of my life through ED. All the time spent counting calories and restricting seem like wasted moments that I will never get back. Thus, we must make up for them now! :)

  7. Dream BIG, Emily:) The sky's the limit! LOL. LIVE life, not muddle through it.

    Love the tank<3 the design is really nice.

  8. love the looks! and really you can never dream too big!! there is no where to go but up--do not limit yourself (really playing it safe isn't worth it)