Saturday, October 10, 2009

craving something warm

Good evening…

It’s really starting to look like fall here today, the leaves are changing color and falling to the ground.  Also, there is a slight chilly breeze!  I was bummed about summer ending, but now this kind of weather makes me happy that it’s fall :]

Yesterday was same ‘ol same, school then work.  I went to bed at like 10 or something because I was absolutely exhausted – that’s pretty sad for a Friday night.  However, today I went out and about looking for that one piece of furniture to complete my room….no such luck.  Guess what?? Turns out I am the worlds pickiest smartest furniture shopper!  That’s okay though, I’m not going to settle on some dresser that I don’t truly love, which is probably the best way to go about it. 

Not only did I manage to go furniture shopping today…but I also persuaded my mom to go to DSW!  And, yes, to answer the question I know you all are asking, I DID GET NEW SHOES.  They are for Homecoming and are absolutely perfect if I do say so myself.  I’ll give you a tiny hint – they’re red :] Other than that, you all are going to have to wait until next weekend to see the outfit in photo form.  I can’t believe it’s already so soon!

Anyways – moving on…

It’s Saturday and that means – I’m craving something!


While yes, spending some quality time with mr. apple crisp would be splendid, but I’m not talking about him…

I am craving another thing that will keep be equally as warm on the inside..


Fingerless gloves

I adore these!  They will go with any of my warm coats, and most importantly, they won’t be a pain when I need to use my hands like gloves.

Well that’s it for right now -- tomorrow I’ve got another post coming your way.

Enjoy your Saturday night :] 


  1. You are a tease... I was anxiously scrolling down to see a pic of the new shoes. Well, we just have to wait for next week to see the debut of the red shoes. Have a fabulous weekend dear!

  2. LOL. You wicked girl :) but that's why we adore ya! I'm getting Dorothy shoes?

    Love ya!

  3. fimgerless gloves = best winter accesorie EVER!

    now i really cant wait to see your homecoming photos :)

    enjoy your sunday xo

  4. I love my fingerless gloves/mittens. They are fingerless gloves but they have a mitten thing on a button over that you can put over your fingers to make them mittens.

    Ohh I want to see your shoes. I love furniture shopping. It's an absolute addiction of mine. :P

    Yay for Autumn weather. We've had early Autumn weather here but I still haven't gotten bored of it.

  5. Ooh, I want to have a date night with Mr. Apple Crisp. Yummy, yummy, yummy! And so perfect for fall! :)

    I can't wait to see your homecoming photos - the suspense is killing me! :)

  6. i love fingerless gloves! so cute and cozy!
    and apple crisps just scream fall!