Saturday, October 24, 2009



I promise I’m still here, I’ve just been really busy lately with school and work and social life :)  Can’t say it’s a bad thing! Except for the fact that I love blogging.

Let’s get to my looks for Thursday and Friday..
9-6 003

- leopard blouse
- gold belt
- skinny jeans

9-6 007

- yellow v-neck
- long gray tank
- brown belt
- gray leggings
- boots

Today I went to an information session for SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design.  AH! So exciting.  It truly sounds like an incredible school, one that I’m considering going to.  I can’t wait to visit Savannah, hopefully soon, to get a true essence of the atmosphere.  On my list of schools I want to look at, it is pretty high up there.  How did you end up picking the college you are attending or attended?  And if you aren't in college yet, where do you want to go?

And after the seminar, we were very close to the mall, so we wandered over there for the rest of the day a little bit.  I scored on some things that I can’t wait to wear…mind you I make my own money now – so that means some if it goes in the bank and then the other half goes in my wallet ;) And that also means more clothes in my closet..if that’s even possible..

Anyway – on to my eats.  Last night I heated up a veggie burger for the first time..HELLO, why haven’t I done this sooner??!! They were so good, not to look at, but to eat!  Those of you who haven’t tried a frozen veggie burger, I sincerely recommend it.  If you happen to be a veggie burger fan, any topping or serving suggestions?

Well my dear friends…’tis Saturday and what does that mean?

The Weekly Crave

So I’m already craving the gloves and the coat, but what about my poor little neck out in the freezing cold?  And that brings me to my next sweet tooth…

These kind of light weight scarves are perfect to wear with shirts indoors and with a jacket outdoors.  They add a pop of color to any outfit, or a hint of neutral…what ever floats your boat.

Alright bloggies, I have to catch myself up on some drawing. 

Enjoy what’s left of this Saturday!


  1. Oh CUTIE !!
    i vant to raid your closet!

  2. i love vegie burgers, i am not a vegetarian but i find them just so good but i am real fussy so i only really like tomato sauce

  3. I have a scarf just like that :)

    Aren't skinny jeans a must?? They go well with everything.

    I love leopard things. But my mom will kill me if I dare to wear them. ''Too explicite.'', she says. :(


  4. I love your look for Friday - it is the cutest thing ever. Actually, I want to recreate it myself - too adorable!

    I think you would fit in at SCAD so fabulously. For me, I chose my school based on degree program and flexibility. I never had a dream school - I just wanted to make sure that I went somewhere with a program that fit what I was looking for...psychology.

    Your crave is fabulous - I have been going gaga over knit scarves as of late; love the one you featured here! :)

  5. Hiiiii! I just wanted to answer your question about schools. For my year, I went to a small, liberal arts school in the middle of nowhere, it was horrible. I would suggest spending more than one time at the college, and maybe visit when classes are actually in session. Make sure that you can see yourself not only at the school, but in the town. Make sure there are people like you and that you truly feel at home. It's an important decision, but I know you'll make the right one!! :)

  6. loveee the leopard top with the belt! so funnn

    soo glad you discovered veggie burger! i love love love them! they work really well as salad toppers (especially black bean burgers & cottage cheese = yumm)

  7. someone's incredibly stylish. both looks are gorgeous.