Thursday, October 15, 2009

boy, how things can change

What a difference a day makes.

Seriously – I’m in awe how things can change in such a short amount of time.  The weather – it seems as if I live in India with monsoons, the RAIN IS ENDLESS.  My room – oh well, you’ll see shortly ;) School work – apparently I’m understanding all the work now..?? weird.  My wallet – STACKED! I got my pay check today!  The week – done! Tomorrow is Friday, can someone please tell me how that happened?

Alright look -

9-6 005

- plaid button up
- jeans
- boots

‘twas Ranch Day – so I had to break out the plaid and the braids.  I feel like lately I haven’t been sporting very good looks, call me crazy…it might be just me, but I am going to try to put together some really cute ones for next week!

Oh… so yes, I have something to share with you :) I got home from work only to discover something in my room…

9-6 006

isn’t she a beauty?  I saw her the other day at a antique place and swooned.  Sorry that the picture is a bit cut off, I was trying to hide the mess of my room from the blogosphere, but I will surely post when I have everything put away.  I really need to organize my junk.

On to my eats..

So in the loo of snacking, I have fallen in love (yet again) with a little thing called Stacy’s All Natural Pita Chips.  They are so good!  I’ve only had the Simply Naked Pita Chips, but I’m eager to try the other flavors.  I seriously recommend ‘em :)

Also I’ve tried the Clif Mojo Trail Mix Bars…so delicious.  Dipped or not dipped, there is really no going wrong.

I’m also on a Bosc Pear kick.  They are so sweet and juicy!  And of course, apples will always have a place in my heart..*ahem* or my mouth :)

I have always been a fruit girl.  Apples, bananas, pears, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches…I could go on and on.  What’s your absolute, can’t live without fruit?

Okie doke, I gotta get some shut eye for tomorrow.  I don’t work, but we have a pep rally at school and such.  I really hope the homecoming game tomorrow night isn’t cancelled!  The rain has really put a damper on hc activities *no pun intended*

sweet dreams!


  1. I agree, you look extra stylish this week. You are inspired.

  2. My can't-live-without fruit? Grapes! Oh, I am such a grape addict - they're so divine.

    You look absolutely adorable - rocking the Alexander Wang side-braid, I see. Love it! Also loving that dresser - it matches your comforter and bed so well! :)

  3. Definitly pears, mango and melon...ok that's 3! Just come across your blog, I love how smiley you are in your photos! Hope the weather improves for you :)

  4. my cant live without fruit is definitely apples - i go through so many a week i think i should invest in an orchard! my favourite fruit though is mango mmmmm.

    so glad you found your perfect dresser :) its beautiful

  5. PLAID!! my guiltiest fashion pleasure <3

    I am obsessed with apples -- though that may be due to the autumn season. I also LOVE pineapple and watermelon in the summertime :)

  6. That dresser is BEAUTIFUL:)

    I love fruit too...there was one time when I could eat a whole mango followed by strawberries and apples all in one go. a bit overboard maybe, but that's how I got my sugar fix! :D

  7. oh my goodness you remind me that i need to find myself some plaid, thank you thank you, & very cute!!

    ahh fruit i am lost without a banana in my oats in the morning so i think they win :)

  8. && btw wasted is a memoir about a women's battle with eating disorders, i've yet to read it, but i've only heard good things about it :)

  9. plaid = total staple in my closet!! loves it!

  10. i cannot live without grapesss, and love that new piece of furniture.

  11. I WANT that dresser. If you wake up and it's gone, it wasn't me.. :)