Saturday, September 19, 2009

'tis the season

Good Morning!

'cuse my lack of posting yesterday -- but a girl needs some time off every once in a while ;] Well it's only 10:06 a.m. and I've already manage to complete my math homework..yes by all means, I am a nerd at heart.  Proscrastination is just not in my nature.  In fact every time work or a project is thrown at me, I get started right away. I hate the feeling of something hanging over my head, waiting for attention.

So in honor of this beautiful Saturday, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, let's praise this wonderful season I like to call...Homecoming Dress Shopping Season.  Yes, my friends, 'tis not only the coming of Fall, but the countless days of shopping for that perfect dress to wear one night only, and then to be put in the back of your closet and worn maybe once or twice after that.  That's perfectly okay though, right?  And the spawn of this season brings me to my first ever *drum roll please*...

Weekly Crave
So what style am I craving?  Well these little numbers have me, shall I say, on the edge of my seat :

I love the baby doll look of this dress

And although it looks short, I still love this one

I have more styles in mind, but that would take far too long, and too much posting space ;]
Hopefully I'll be able to take a little shopping trip in the next coming weeks to narrow my choices even further.


As of yesterday's occurances, nothing out of the ordinary, home to school to home to dinner.  This week the aspect of playing soccer has been reappearing in my mind time after time.  There is no greater feeling than scoring that winning goal or running down the sidelines with the ball at your feet, the wind in your hair.  It makes you feel so invincible and on top of the world, that one moment you are away from everything in your life, nothing else matters.  I miss that so much.  Soccer is such a big part a my life and there is nothing I want more than to be able to play again.  Every time a eat a little more or do something positive for myself, I feel like I am closer and closer to grasping that goal.  It's the obstacles I face while doing those things that hold me back, such as ED.  Which is why I'm here and I am trying to fight against him.

In terms of food, I'm on a mexican food kick.  I cannot get enough of black beans, sour cream, and cheese!  The people at our little, local mexican restaurant think I am absolutely insane, because I have been going there so often.  But, hey, they're making money.  Black beans are great, because they healthy, filling, and yummy -- some might think otherwise, but I doubt that they have fully experienced their delicously tasting wonderfullness.  In regards to that..anyone have some recipes they'd like to share that incorporates some beans, cheese, or sour cream and whatever else is great with 'em??

that's a wrap least for right now,
take some time and enjoy this lovely, lovely day!

p.s. almost forgot my look!

- white cami
- gray high-waisted shirt


  1. Those homecoming dresses are fabulous... they're perfect for you. And I love your outfit for the day.

    I don't know any black bean recipe but I make great salsa. That's the best I can do in the kitchen front.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. thank you for your comment :)
    your look book is tres fab. I love all your outfits! you have some insane style girl ;)

    i love mexican food too. salsa is good on everything!
    i also love thai, indian, and japanese food. yum!

  3. Beans...I don't know, I just think of baked beans and chili! LOL. I'm sure you're eating them in more creative ways!

    Beautiful dresses...hope you find one that suits you to a T! And your daily outfit is just as good, if not better, than those in the first two pics:)

  4. I'm not even going to Homecoming (I'm too old), but I so want that House Of Cassette - Women's Eleanor Zipper Dress (Black). I too adore the babydoll cut; and the little keyhole in the front is so darling. Fabulous choice! :)

    Love your skirt, by the way - I almost bought a similar one in red a few weeks ago! :)

  5. your blog is adorable!
    plus i love all your fits girl :)

  6. Oh homecoming! How delightful! I love the dresses you picked out! Do let us know what you decide...

    absolutely love your look by the way! Great blog!

  7. black beans- okay i actually just had some
    here is what i ate:
    black beans, chedder cheese, rice, chicken and sour cream in a burrito.
    delish, try ittttttt