Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hola readers -- back with a regular post!

The party was tiring and this morning my feet are hurtin',
here's my look...

- purple cami with lace detail
- high-waisted, tuxedo-like skirt
- black heels

and YES! I could actually walk, but I chose to dance barefoot in the end :]

The party was fun, but not what I expected.  I kinda felt like a loser in some ways, I felt like I always had to follow others around because I was afraid of being alone or something.  Like one minute I would be on the dance floor dancing with friends, and then I'd realize that I was alone and panic.  It made me want to be more independent and less dependent on my friends, I mean..I was pretty independent all the time last year, right?  So what is the problem?  Anyways the party itself, location ect., was pretty outrageous.  There was a DJ and a photobooth!  I thought the photobooth was a really cool idea.  I still haven't changed my mind about my sweet sixteenth though, you will not find me having a party, but hopefully doing something special with a few close friends :]

In other circumstances, I felt really good about food yesterday.  I was not thinking about it too much, I just simply enjoyed myself and ate what I wanted.  And if you were wondering, I was one of the first people to have cake!  It's strange the little things you appreciate while struggling with ED.  If I can get through a meal and just sit there and not really think about gaining weight or obsessing about how many calories, I find this new appreciation.  Anyone have the same feelings?

Well tomorrow starts the second week of school, and I already have an essay and project under my belt.  Hopefully it won't be too bad, let's just say a little prayer!  Today I'll probably just be lazy and dabble in some homework.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. A LOSER?? Girl, you had the eyes of many guys let me tell you... i saw them, those boys, oh yes I did. haha you're an incredible dancer and you looked sooooooooo pretty! I love dancing with you because you arent afraid to let go and youre so fun. love youu


  2. i hear yeah, about those feelings!! its liberating.. and scary? when you can sit and ENJOY a meal .. with out worry, without fear!! differant! exciting! and fun, even :)
    its weird and frusterating though that I only get days or moments where I can truely live in the moment, and not care about whats on my plate.

  3. aw babydoll so proud of you! I remember at grad parties this past summer how amazing it felt to eat CAKE with no guilt. It's much easier to do these things and challenge our disorders when we're out with friends to remind us that these indulgences are natural and HUMAN! props, chica!

    ahhh, all this talk of sweet 16s! I forget how young you are girl. You are mature beyond your years!

  4. You look so fabulous in that outfit. I'm glad you enjoyed the party.

  5. Dancing in bare feet is always better! I don't like being alone either. I like your blog, btw.

  6. You are so not a loser; I do that very same thing at parties - there's confidence in numbers, remember that! :)

    You look absolutely lovely. I'm obsessed with that skirt - the volume is amazing; and your entire color scheme - purple, black, gray - is on of my favorites, all smoky.

    Glad you had a great time! :)