Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Days


back and with LOOK # 2...
second day was all good, first day I have to say was a bit better (schedule wise)
but this outfit put it off to a great start!

- gray and purple dress, cinched at the waist, front zipper (did I mention it was $10!!)
- my rainbows

2 days down...only ummmm...9 months to go
just kidding -- I won't let time go by that fast -- I want to enjoy it :]

short post tonight -- gotta get my school supplies and other crap ready for tomorrow
and plus the Real World is on tonight!

I owe a longer post expect one!
goodnight :]


  1. 10 dolla dolla bills? can't beat that! where'd you get it girl ?

  2. you look so grown-up in that outfit. beautiful dress and at $10? what a steal.

  3. That dress is awesome - I love the colorblock style; and the zipper embellishment is amazing! :)

  4. darling, you are so freaking gorgeous! love the blog so far!!