Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reviewing Recovery

Hello all!

here's my look for today...
- purple v-neck
- cardigan
- jean shorts
- moccasins

after wearing those shoes yesterday, I just wanted to be comfortable!  And this outfit did the trick :]

Man, I don't know about you guys, but I'm crazy tired.  It's amazing how a school day can drain you and make you feel incredibly gross.  When I get home from school, I immediately change my clothes and wash my face, I feel like the minute I walk into school stress is basically oozing out of my pores!  Okay..yeah that was a little gross, but it is so true.

So for this post I really want to talk about what feelings I associate my recovery with.  For the most part, I feel as though recovery comes with feelings of health and optimism, but on the other hand I do, of course, have negative feelings.  When I think about recovery, there is no filter, therefore I picture my old self and words like fat or gross pop into my head.  It is when those words appear, that I get extremely scared of what it will be like.  Scared because I have to face one of my biggest fears -- the unknown.  With this, I'd like to ask... While you were/are traveling down this road, what positive and negative feelings did/do you have that either motivated recovery or set you back?

Alright well I'm out..
gotta get busy with what do ya know? HOMEWORK.

have a great evening!


  1. It's normal to have a fear of the unknown. But you have to have faith that everything will be alright. Use the power of creative visualization. Visualize all positive outcomes and they will be realized.

  2. You've made me want a pair of moccasins! :)

    Let's see...when I first started my recovery, I had severe anxiety/panic attacks whenever I ate - I was unable to catch my breath, and felt as if I was suffocating. In my mind, I could feel the fat growing on me with every piece of food I put in my mouth. This actually set me back, because then I began purging for a few months. I finally overcame that ED phase, but it was through restricting again. With me, recovery has been a nonstop merry-go-round of ups and downs - you get caught up in it all. Being able to go out and have fun with my friends - even to just get ice cream - was a positive thing in assisting with my recovery. :)

  3. Your outfit is cute. I think you just have to try your best to stay positive! I love your moccasins!

  4. Recovery for me feels..well, like you said, plunging into the unknown. I feel like if I stop restricting and purging, I'll go back to what I was.. and that makes me very afraid. I'm at a normal weight now, so my mind tells me if I eat normal, I will be overweight. But I have to remember to tell myself that I'm beautiful the way I am, even though I don't believe it. I hope that at some point, I'll start to believe it. :]