Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Morning everyone :]

When it comes to posting, sometimes ideas just come to me immediately and I know exactly what to write about...but then there are days where I struggle, I just lay there in bed thinking..."what can I post about tomorrow??!" I'm sure fellow bloggers share the same problem, or at least, I hope so ;]

And as you may have guessed, last night was one of those "what do I write about??!" nights -- because why else would I start off a post telling you this story, right?

So as I lay there thinking of what to talk about..I started thinking of how cool it had been that day and how fall was creeping up on us slowly, but surely. The air had a freshness to it, a crisp like feel. And do you know what that crisp feeling reminded me of? Reinvention. Most people associate reinvention with ringing in the new year, but I pair it with the start of school and fall as a time for change. Now don't get me wrong, I think any time is a wonderful opportunity for change, I don't think one time of the year is the only chance a person gets, but the transition into fall is definitely a signal of metamorphosis for me. As I considered the term reinvention, I thought about what it meant for me in prior years of my life. Last year it held an unhealthy meaning -- losing weight. That is how I chose to reinvent myself, which in reality was only sending me two steps back. This year, however, my reinvention comes with a meaning of health and wisdom. Right now I firmly believe that where I am headed is where I am supposed to be. This change won't happen overnight, in a couple days, or even in a week -- but I am determined to make this happen for myself. It won't come without struggle and obstacles, but while many aspire to be like an idol -- a singer, actor or actress, political icon, or any other famous person -- I look up to and aspire to become the best version of myself, because honestly, that's all any of us can ever be.

just some insight for today
check back in later for another post (maybe) ;]
enjoy this fall-like day!
and thanks for all the happy 19th wishes!!

just something to think about :]


  1. love it! : )

    glad to see the happiness coming thru your posts!

  2. I can already tell this fall will bring nothing but positivity and health for you :)

  3. great insights... aspire to become the best version of yourself.. i like that.

  4. Very inspiring. I find myself suffering from the same types of "what should I post about tomorrow?" thoughts late at night myself. I think you overcame them the best way possible - by sharing a piece of yourself. A story that would inspire readers. Great post!

    By the way, I spoke to ENVIROSAX, your Buddha Bag is on its way! :)

  5. Hi Emily!

    Just found your blog and read through several of your recent posts...I am impressed - you seem wise beyond your age.

    Great insight- I love the idea of reinvention- I look forward to reading more!

  6. I like re-invention, but I'm a bigger believer in re-definition. Keeping life interesting is all about finding fresh, rewarding ways to define yourself... I think you're doing great!


  7. omg i totally know what you mean. that always happens to me! i never know what to write about until i find something.

    but i do like the idea of reinvention!
    omg i was so excited about your new post i did some random dancee :S

  8. Hey you,
    Thanks for the sweet post! I've never read your blog (I'm going to click thru it a little more after this post :) ) but very insightful post! I totally agree about the time of year and such. Hopefully this will be a great one for you! I'm glad you checked out my blog... it's def in its early phases but hopefully it'll pick up lol. Anyway just saying hey and hope your Wednesday was great!