Saturday, September 5, 2009


Back! Okay so when I say that I'm going to post again -- IGNORE ME.  From now on just expect one post per day, school is starting on Tuesday, so I can't really promise any more than that!  Speaking of Tuesday...check back in for my LOOKBOOK!

Alright, now for todays thoughts --
Have you ever felt like after certain events in your life, people look at you differently?  Like when you walk by they see you in a different light than they ever have before?  This is how I have felt for the past couple weeks.  People I know had their own ideas about what was happening with me this past year, some were right, some were wrong, but basically this blog either surprised them or just confirmed what they were thinking.  When people approach me now, I act openly and different than I have in previous occurances, but I find that others also act differently.  I can see the changes in their mannerisms and body language, they either know exactly what to say or are afraid to say the wrong thing.  Now I know that this is completely normal, I'm not disagreeing with that fact at all, but it is just something I have observed as of late.  Taking in this observation got me thinking..I've been in those shoes before.  I remember being the girl saying for example "can you believe she has an eating disorder?!" never even thinking about the possibility of that EVER happening to me.  I always thought that nothing like this would ever take over my life, I thought I was too strong and loved food way too much to have this problem.  Thinking about this has made me realize even more lessons I have learned.  Even the STRONGEST people can fall to diseases like eating disorders.  And yes I did love, and still do love, food..but the thing eating disorder is not about the food very much at all. 

In regards to that --
 how do you find others treating you after knowing about your ED?


In other news, I have to decided another daily thing on my blog!  Its going to be called --
The Daily Q&A

Basically I'm going to ask a random, totally un-post related Question for you readers to answer, that will be answered by me as well.  Just something fun to keep things entertaining, and plus I love reading your feedback!

Now the first ever Q&A!!

Q:  If you could go back in time and meet ANYBODY of your choice, who would it be?

A: Hard one...but I would probably meet Audrey Hepburn, I've read so much about her and I am fascinated by her!

Enjoy your labor day weekend!


  1. First, about people's treatment, I guess you shouldn't worry too much on what they think about you. The important thing is you faced your problem and struggling to do things right now. Don't lose your focus.

    Now, who would I want to meet if I can go back in time? Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa. These women have shown that what matters is you're beautiful inside and you have brains to match.

  2. Only a select few (i.e. family members, boyfriends, and best friends) know about my ED (aside from blogworld, obvs) and they are very supportive and understanding of it. I appreciate them so much!

    hmm, If I could go back in time I would love to meet my great grandma.. I heard she was such a fashion diva :)

    im at aus so you got it totally wrong :P
    i loveee youu,
    if i could go back in time id meet einstein only so i could kick his head

  4. King Henry the Eighth!(Ok, that was totally random)

    I don't know, about how people would treat me any different if they knew about my ED. I suppose my relatives, when they inevitably deduced it, watched me and asked pointedly if I'd helped myself to food at potluck dinners.

  5. This is a very profound post because, as much as we'd like to think that they don't, after certain events in your life, people do look at you differently.

    For me, to this day, the people who know about my ED, watch everything I eat. In general, I'm the pickiest eater you will ever meet, but they feel as if it's their job to force unwelcome food on me. I know that they mean well, but, honestly, it's offensive from my point-of-view. Also, if you eat a large quantity of food, then use the restroom, you can see what they're thinking...bulimia. It's all stereotypical, but it's hard to deal with, I think. It's as if you're a porcelain doll - to fragile to make any quick movements around. People tiptoe around you a bit. That's my experience, at least. I really like that you asked this question.

    Okay, who would I go back in time to meet? Dorothy Parker. To be the only female writer amongst all those literary greats at the algonquin Round Table would have been exhilirating. :)