Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Premiere!

yes it's here...
what you've all been waiting for...


and my premiere look is --

- neon pink v-neck
- a black elastic waist skirt with silk edges
- brown sandals with a hint of gold
(and I got little pads so they don't hurt anymore!)

and of course there's Audrey as my background!

Today was actually a great first day!  I have a pretty good schedule and feel more welcomed than I did last year at school.  All my butterflies are officially diminished :]

Now it's time for my...

Daily Q&A

Q: What is the biggest first day back to school stressor you have/have had?

A: For me it's the outfit, of course!  And finding my way around is always nerve racking.  Another added stressor the past year though and right now, is the lunch and food situation.  Lunch has probably always been the most stressful meal for me since my time with ED -- I don't know why.  I get lost in all my thoughts about planning what will go into my lunch -- I wish that I wouldn't get so obsessed.

That's it for this evening!
I'll be back for another look tomorrow!


  1. You look adorable! Glad to hear you had a great day! Yeah! : )

    I hated trying to find my way to the new classes. And where I was going to sit. Ugh.

  2. Pretty pretty... I know about "first day of school" outfits, it's always like that even up to college. You don't want to go wrong with the 1st day outfit.

  3. i LOVE your outfit!
    definatly am inspired to go shopping now!

  4. You are so incredibly gorgeous; and that outfit is divine. I love the color of your top - it has a coral tinge to the neon pink which is breathtaking. And paired with the black skirt (which is, I must admit, very Carrie Bradshaw)...I die! Glad your first day went fabulously! :)

  5. so freakin' cute! and I love Audrey.. but then again, who doesn't?

    biggest back to school stressor for me is getting adjusted to a different eating schedule -- it's tough at first.. but things always work themselves out!