Wednesday, September 23, 2009

playing catch up

hey there!

sorry about not posting last night -- my parents decided to take the family out to a nice dinner at Maggiano's.  For any of you who have never heard of it before, it's an italian restaurant a.k.a. "fear food danger zone", but before I tell you about that...let's get to the looks...


- Blouse
- Jeans
(nothing special)

Tuesday Night

- neon yellow v-neck
- silver jacket
- skinny jeans


- gray shirt
- orange skirt
- white leggings
- brown/gold sandals

wow, that was a lot of look back tracking :]

Anyways --
Last night was the ultimate pasta paradise, and what do I fear most? PASTA. Yes those pasta lovers out there are probably appalled at what they are reading right now.  Honestly, it tastes good, but it's the ED part of me that doesn't like to eat it.  There is just something about the portion control part of it that makes it a "fear food".  So we hadn't been to Maggiano's ever since I have been in this phase of my life, and believe me, the moment I heard we were going stomach flopped.  Here's basically what it's all about; the restaurant has an option called "family style" and you can only order it if you have 4 or more people.  Part of the deal is you get to order 2 appetizers, 2 salads, 2 pastas, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts.  For those of you out there who know what I'm going through-- see why I was a little apprehensive??!  Well, we get there and my family starts to look at the menu and negotiate what to order.  I have my sister on my right who for the most part has three food groups...macaroni, bread, and vitamin water.  Then there is my brother across the table, who being a tall, muscular male will eat anything beef, anything that has marinara on it, and anything spicy, and then there are my parents who will eat pretty much anything.  Immediately there are "I want.." and "lets get this.." flying from every end of the table.  What's a girl to do?  I decided to compose myself, and simply request salmon a) because I love it b) because it's "safe".  When the food started coming out, I was in a constant frenzy of saving room for what was to come, then I just to decided to screw it -- I had all this great food in front I was going to eat it!  Yes, I did scooch away from the pasta some what, but I am surprised with myself for how I behaved in that situation.  I did maybe perhaps go a little extreme in the other direction, I ate too much.  That is one of things that I really need to work on: when Emily eats....she really EATS.  I don't want that to be the case as I start gaining weight needed for me to be healthy, because I don't want any type of unhealthy eating habits being developed.  Going from the extreme of not eating enough to eating too much is not where I want to go.

Well I felt like I just needed to share that experience with you -- hope your Wednesday was a wonderful one (yay for the alliteration! minus the o in one)

before I leave you here is a

Daily Q&A

Q: What is one food that really freaks you out?

A: You probably already know this one ;]

have a great night!


  1. I love that silver jacket.

    I can feel what you're going through that night, you are a good storyteller. And I'm glad that you still have your health plan on check. The important thing is you enjoyed your bonding with your family.

  2. GREAT JOB on the Italian food! *hugs*

    One food that freaks me out...a lot, really (BLEH), but I guess the one things that literally gets me screaming is fast food:(

    Love the shiny SHINY jacket and the orange skirt!

  3. ooh i want your gold shoes! gorgoeus :)

    I have the exact same fear of italian food. it same with all chain restraunts actually. Everything you wrote pretty much relates to me too..
    I dont want my restricting to go the other way either.. its really scary. But girl, you did SO good. I am very proud of you. I think I'd venture out on an italian din din with you :) support system, non? xo

  4. Ooh, that silver jacket...I die!

    I'm really proud of you. I think that Italian restaurants are one of the toughest to combat when in the recovery stages. For me, it was Olive Garden. My family used to go there fairly frequently when I was healthy; and when they made the decision to return when I was in recovery, I freaked out. I think you just need to make sure to pace yourself, and know when you're full, as opposed to gorging yourself. You did great - I'm so proud of you, Emily! :)

  5. Wow Emily, this was an incredibly beautifully written and inspiring post. I will def keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue your journey. You seem like such a strong, amazing and brave person!!

    P.S I loved your adorable outfits. esp Wed the color of those shorts are awesome!

  6. Hi, I'm new on here, so this is my first comment.

    Um, anything starchy freaks me out. Pasta, bread, BAGELS, all the heavy stuff. And I know what you mean by the whole portion control thing, whenever I eat anything except fruit or veggies, I EAT. :/

    But oh my gosh I love your outfits! Especially the one with the orange skirt and grey top.