Monday, September 14, 2009

Mad Rush

Hey my lovely blog readers...

So this morning I was in a bit of a rush and managed to get my hurried sister to take this picture.  Don't ask me how I smiled, because honestly..I HAVE NO IDEA.  She obviously wasn't in the mood to be late, so being sisters, words were exchanged before she took it and we ran our butts to the car.'s the look...

- sun dress
- gladiator sandals

Nothing too fancy shmancy today, just relaxed and actually pretty darn comfy.

Well school was same 'ol same - hah! and it's only the second week of school.  Art is pretty much the highlight of my day among all other things.  I started driver's ed today too..yes that's right blogosphere, I'm hitting the streets pretty soon, you might want to stay clear of the 15 year old girl who cannot for the life of her MERGE!  No, I'm just kidding, but I am a new driver so you can expect some minor mistakes :]

Well, I know I'm not giving much tonight..but this lady has homework coming out her ears.  I really hope to be able to post more for the next coming days!  Thank you for all the comforting feedback on me feeling like a "loser" and/or "follower"!



  1. haha girl I have been driving for 4 years and have yet to master the merge.. some of us just weren't born to cruise!

  2. Hey girl, good for you. I'm so old but I can't drive. hahaha!

  3. Roads, watch out...I'm coming for ya in two years!

    That is one pretty dress! Very nicely paired with the sandals too!

    (Sisters...but that's why we keep them around:D)

  4. Oh, driver's ed. Look at it this're only 15, I'm graduating from college soon and I still don't have a driver's license. I have to rely on bumming rides off people. It's quite sad. Driving and me just don't mix. Thus the reason I plan on residing in a city - public transportation. I'm sure you'll do great - just ignore backseat drivers! :)

    By the way, thank you for the award - you're the sweetest; I left a comment on the award post! :)

  5. Your dress is gorgeous! Its so pretty.
    Good luck with your driving, I cant believe you get to start at 15, you have to be 17 over here to drive.