Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look to the Light

Is it Friday yet?

nope :[ but it is Thursday, so let's get to my looks --

- sequined, racer back top
- long sleeved, gray sweater
- khaki shorts with a brown belt
- rhinestone sandals

disco ball? almost!

So I promised a longer post, so you got it!
I've got some thoughts...

These past three school days have really given me a lot of promise for the year ahead.  I am so much more social than I ever was last year, and am FINALLY seeing the real Emily come out of myself.  I'm seeing things in such a more positive light, especially the people I misjudged.  Too many times I have been so quick to judge a person, but this year I am choosing to take the high road.  Not because I simply think it's the right thing to do,  but also because I want to. I want to see the good in people.  Personally, I believe everyone in this world has something to offer, everyone deserves a chance.  I could've easily snubbed my old friends and not let them back into my life, but I am choosing to forgive and forget and move on.  Life is too short to waste your time being mad at someone for too long or letting someone annoy you...if you go in with an open mind, things will turn out for the better.

Speaking of having an open mind --
In art today we got assigned our first project which I am really excited about!  ahh I love art with a passion and I am definitely going to put my soul into my new piece :]  Creativity is my forte.  I hope to post more art as it is completed, so that is something to look forward to.

Well I've sadly got to go get crackin' on my homework *roll of the eyes*
yes, I know, it is very unfortunate.

I hope to post more on the weekends to make up for my lack of postage.
Be back tomorrow!


  1. I'm happy for you girl. Let the real Emily shine. Good luck on your art project.

  2. Very cute look!

    I totally agree- life is short - we all make mistakes, give people 2nd chances- great insight...very wise beyond your years!! (that sounds like something an old person would say!! I guess I'm probably old enough to be your mom :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. positive thinking is a powerful thing.. and so much more productive than wallowing in our own pity and misery :) Keep smiling, chica!

  4. Awesome top! Love the outfit...I'm loving these posts:)

    Yay for positive thinking...the real Emily's gonna kickass! <3

  5. I've fallen in love with your top. I love how sequins look when worn in the light of day! :)

    I think that one of the best things in terms of recovery, is that you get to learn more about yourself. Suddenly you stop questioning things, and just let the true you shine through. I'm so glad that the real Emily has finally, in the word's of Eminem, stepped up. :)