Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 19th!!

your probably wondering about the title...
well its my 19th post!
what's so special about 19?

before I start celebrating, let me give you a quick little recap of my wonderful monday :]

well, yes, my curious readers..I did finally make it back to Forever 21 and YES I did leave very very satisfied --

I thought about showing you everything that I bought..but then I realized that you'll just see it in my lookbook next week. So, sorry -- you're just going to have to wait!

After leaving the monsterous Forever 21, our stomachs were rumbling, so where did we venture for a fabulous late lunch, you ask?

which, obviously, was absolutely delicious :]

I had pulled bbq chicken and mac -n-cheese a la Whole Foods...
my reaction?

yup, I was one happy camper..the unflattering, in the moment picture proves it

my mom and sister were lovin it too..

those faces are evidence of pure enjoyment

especially my sister..because there is no one else on earth who loves mac-n-cheese more than her, trust me

after a day out shopping we headed back to town where I had my therapist appt...and then home where I stayed in the rest of night and watched all my favorite shows while dreaming about all my new clothes :]

Btw, does anyone watch Secret Life of the American Teenager? And if any of you do..who agrees with me that it is the stupidest show ever??

So back to the celebration!
to celebrate my wonderful 19th post I'm going to write 19 things I love about blogging!
okay, I know, it's not the biggest way to celebrate, but it's still something right?

1. the ability to express myself and being creative
2. meeting wonderful people
3. documenting my recovery
4. receiving supportive, comforting comments
5. reuniting with people I know
6. having the ability to reach out to people in similar situations
7. expressing my fashion sense
8. having a *worldwide* support group
9. writing my heart out
10. posting pictures
11. having another purpose
12. reading all the other great blogs out there
13. coming up with new ideas to keep you reading
14. having a new excuse to stay on the computer for hours
15. challenging myself more
16. discovering there is more to life
17. realizing how much people care about me
18. making my parents proud
19. sharing my story with the world

thats all for today!
hope you enjoy my list :]

p.s. I recently emailed F21 about the furniture line and they replied saying they had no plans to start one..yeah I know I was extremely disappointed too -- but hey, a girl can hope! Also I really appreciate the comments on my previous post, they were exactly what I needed to lift my spirits in regards to my Granddad.


  1. Congrats on your nineteenth! Isn't it exhilirating to know that you have reached so many people after just 19 posts? Here's to another 19 (and so many more) wonderful entries!

    Ooh, I like that Forever 21 has pink bags now. And your teaser is quite fun - can't wait to see what you picked out! :)

  2. you happiness in this post is contagious! happy 19th babe :) here's to many more!

  3. addendum to #8: having a support group worldwide. you're readers are not just from the US. Happy 19th girl

  4. Thanks for the comment!! Love the WF faces--especially yours and your sister's! Those WF boxes filled with customized deliciousness always invoke unflattering faces in the best of us!

    Can;t wait to keep reading your blog!


  5. hey girlie!
    thank you so much for the lovely comment. I have to say I really like your blog to :)
    You seem to be doing well in your recovery and its great to see that :)
    I will definetley keep reading.

    Happy 19th post! Heres to many more :)

  6. oh my gosh you are just SOO CUTEE!!
    i like the number 19 tooooo yayayayay im really happy for youu!
    I want to keep reading your blog because its interesting and one thing
    you are so pretty! oh gossh you are beautiful! seriously.