Monday, September 28, 2009


hola mis amigos

feels like fall, finally, eh?
the winds blowing and the leaves are slowly drifting to the ground
perfect weather to sport this look --

- green shirt
- gray cardigan with ruffle detail
- gray jean leggings

This picture does not do those boots justice though, if you ask me :]

Now for today's thoughts...
So lately I've been thinking about one of my friends who has had a hard time for the last couple years.  She has been one of my best friends since I was in the first grade.  As I entered high school and developed ED, I felt like sometimes she was the only one who truly understood what I was going through.  Although she has never had ED or anything of that nature, she has faced her own battles.  As I dig out of this dark hole I've dug myself into and bounce back into my old self, I look at her and realize how much she has changed just like me.  I also look at her with empathetic eyes and wonder how I can help.  I feel like she is in my shoes, where I was last year - nobody understands her, and nobody really knows what to say. I don't want her to feel like I did.  I want to let her know that I'm worried about her and want her to be in my life more often than she is now.  She will forever be my first best friend, no matter how far we grow apart or how much we change.  I don't want to look back and say "what could I have done to be there for her..", I want to help her and be what I needed most when I was in her position.  There is way too much history between us to just let her go without a shoulder to lean on.  I want to be that shoulder.

here's to friendship
true friendship at that

Well that's it for my post tonight..Algebra II is calling my name, fun I know.  I really want to post more about who I am soon, because I've been inspired by some of blogs I've been reading.  Any suggestions for a get to know me type thing??

sweet dreams!



  1. Eek! Algebra II is the ABSOLUTE worst! And yes, true friendship is fantastic. Never take it for granted as some people, unfortunately, do.
    I love your Fall outfit. That green top really makes the whole look pop!
    Have a splendid Monday!

  2. True freinds are forever. thats for sure :)
    stay happy and positive girly!
    your outfit is faab! LOVE IT! and the boots <3

  3. That is one friend to treasure, all right! She seems to be a real gem:)

    Looking COOL, girly...there's no other word for it! Here, have an award that I've passed to you on my blog...totally for funky, creative people like you:)

  4. you and your friend sound like you have a really special friendship!

    i love your blog! and your amazing style...

    keep up the awesome posts!!

    Lola Vee Vintage xxx

    check out my vintage

  5. Boots! Oh, the sight of them made me giddy! Yes, I am obsessed with boots. It's so unhealthy, but I've learned to live with it! :)

    You sound like a wonderful friend. I think that you will know what to say to her when the appropriate time comes. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right moment for inspiration to strike. :)

  6. true friends last a lifetime :)

    your totally rocking that outfit girl! love the color pop of the green tank!

  7. Love the outfit! The boots are just fabulous!

    You sound like such a great friend! It's amazing that you want to be there for your friend in her time of need. Hopefully things will be better for her soon!

  8. Love that outfit and this post.

  9. you are such a special person sweetheart and your girlfriend is so lucky to have you! My thoughts are with her, and you - as always :)