Friday, September 11, 2009


Hey there :]

Before I post, I would just like to recognize this day that has come upon us, and the lives that were lost 8 years ago.  9/11 is a day marked in the lives of every American forever that I will never forget.

Now on a different note -- Fridays look...

- solid white v-neck
- levi cut-offs
- brown gladiators with gold embellishment

Casual Friday - And a chilly one it was, Fall is coming fast!

So this weekend I have a party to go to YAY! I love parties, in fact I'm actually a closet dancer.  Yes, I'm the girl who dances in her room by herself with the music up really really loud.  What girl doesn't do that at least once in her lifetime anyways?  But yes, I am very excited - it is a sweet sixteen, a pretty big one in fact.  That only makes me think about mine in January! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GONNA BE 16!  If I'm going to spend my 16th in a big way I'd rather go somewhere than have a party...parents if you are reading...NYC with friends?? ;]  Anyways as I was saying, the party is on Saturday, so I will definitely post my look!  But as I said before..weekend posts are going to be longer minus the Lookbook.  I just figure that I'm going to have to give myself a break to wear all my sweats at least two days out of the week :] 

*announcer voice*
now its time for...

The Daily Q&A

Q: What did you do for your Sweet Sixteen?  And if you haven't had it yet, what do you plan to do?

A: Well...I think my answer has already been stated quite clearly ;]

ta-ta for now readers
I'll post tomorrow!

p.s. I'm loving all the feedback that I am getting!


  1. have a great night chica.. don't get too buck wild ;)

    my parents through this faboosh surprise sweet 16 for me! one of the best memories of my life, for sure :)

  2. What I did for my "sweet sixteen", that was quite some time ago... ages ago I might say. Hahaha! Anyway, I remember we headed to the beach for the weekend with all my friends in tow.

  3. You look so cute - I love your hair!

    I hope you have the best time at the party this weekend - dance your heart out. I too am a closet dancer who locks myself in my bedroom dancing on the bed and singing (off-key, I might add) into a hairbrush. While you have the confidence to show your dance moves off in front of others, however, I will forever keep mine to myself! :)

  4. Please check out my blog... I have something for you.

  5. Agree with Cafe, your adorable! I wish my hair was as long as yours, but it's getting there! I hope ahah.
    For my 16th I went to Georgetown near DC with the fam and ate at a Moroccan place. They were belly dancers, fun music, and the atmosphere was so warm and friendly. We also walked around Georgetown until like 2 am aha.
    Trust me girl, when you hit 16 you're going to feel it. Have fun with your friends but don't go to crazy, at least without me ;] hehe.