Saturday, September 26, 2009


'morning everybody
It's a bit overcast here, but that doesn't put a hamper on my day..
because I get to spend it at the mall ;]

well let me update you on my look from Friday --

- pink, striped button up shirt
- black and silver belt
- gray leggings

oh and I have another update on my room, it's really coming together!
here it is --

I haven't gotten a comforter yet, but that will come soon.  The lamps are new, though. 
What do ya think?

Daily Crave

Being an artist, I love all things that liven my work up to the slightest degree.  Texture, balance, detail, design, whatever suits my fancy.  But what doesn't put life into a picture as much as color?  It adds a whole other dimension to the equation, thus giving me a craving for these --

I already own the watercolor set, but I'm dying to know what these babies can do! 

Well gotta some shopping to do!

catch ya later!!


  1. My current crave is your bed! Ooh, I so love the pillows. In fact, I adore your entire room! Happy shopping! :)

  2. Lovely room... have fun at the mall. Hugs!

  3. I want my own room so bad, and yours is lovely.

  4. i love your bed! i wish i could get a white comforter and some new furniture, but my budget is so tight!

  5. any room for me in that bed? I want to move in :)

  6. I adore your outfit - love the pink shirt with the brown belt :)