Tuesday, September 29, 2009

chilly willy

Back again.

here's the look for today --

- white v-neck
- long fringed sweater with flower embellishment
- skinny jeans
- peace moccasins

it was chilly willy here, that sweater sure came in handy :]

Tonight my family and I went to Benihana for my brother's birthday, he turned 22 today.  And guess what he got?  A MACBOOK.  Oh how I want one so bad *sigh*.  It was really funny, because my mom put it in a Victoria's Secret pink box, so he was shocked to find the computer inside..plus the fact that it was in a VS box made him blush.  We went to Benihana for the food, of course, but my brother also LOVES sushi.  And I happen to imagine that he LOVES his new macbook as well.
  Happy birthday big brother!

School was really not all that different than the usual.  I carried around my art work all day to all my classes and worked on it here and there.  Just working on my art and being around it makes me love it so much more.  I get that "scoring a goal" feeling like I do in soccer -- sans the wind on your face and the fast breathing.  There is no other thing in the world that can compare to that feeling, it's definitely irreplaceable.

Sorry but I'm going to have to cut this post short.  Homework is getting in the way of my blog time, I know.  But when I've got an AP History test tomorrow, it is priority.  I'm really hoping I have more time tomorrow to do a longer post! 

Enjoy this blustery night :]


  1. Wow, tell your brother happy birthday from me:) That was a wicked box, LOL.

    Good luck with your test, sweetie!

  2. What a great gift! Hahahah it sounds like he had a great birthday! Good luck on your test! And i love that cute fringe cardigan!

  3. I adore your sweater - it has such a seventies, gippie air to it. So unique!

    Happy, Happy Belated Birthday to your brother! don't take this the wrong way, but I totally want to highjack his birthday present. A MACBOOK! Yes please! :)

    Good luck on your AP History test - you'll do great! :)

  4. hey emily! im finally back to blogging and replying to your comment :)
    love your outfit for today! very boho chic. and i feel exactly the same way about my artwork - theres something so fulfilling about watching your ideas and hard work come together.
    good luck with your test. cant wait to read more of your posts :)
    xoxo hannah

  5. I love your sweater. Did you do something with your hair or maybe a new makeup? You look different, you look stunning may I say.

  6. ohhh moccs! my guiltiest shoe pleasure -- where did you find those gems?!