Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where did the time go?

Hey there!
When I said I would post yesterday -- well I guess I lied..but whose keeping track anyway right ;] Today is just too beautiful for words, as was yesterday, and I hope to get out soon and enjoy it. Can you believe its already the end of August..WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO??!! But that gives me all the more reason to have as much fun as I can before I have to drag my butt back into school *sigh*.
Do you have any plans to soak up the last of summer?

Speaking of school..though I am only approaching my sophomore year..I'm thinking about college. Call me a physco planner if you will, but what can I say..its the perfectionist in me. As I've said before, I've got my eye on Savannah College of Art and Design, however my mind has been wandering..like it always does..and maybe NYC is the place for me. Emily in the big city? I'm all for it! FIT or Parson's New School of Design..ohhh the options. I want to enter the fashion industry -- design, marketing, pr...or whatever suits my fancy. One of my goals when I enter the fashion industry is to change the image it projects..what society thinks women have to look like. Now I realize changing a whole industry is a little unrealistic, but one girl can make a little difference. I want my work to make women and young girls feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter their size.
On that note..I am anxiously awaiting for this book to come out --

"An inspiring and cautionary tale for women of all ages, Hungry is an uplifting memoir with a universal message about body image, beauty and self-confidence."

Sounds like a winner to me..it hits bookstores on September 8th!

Well -- this post is going to be short and sweet
I'll probably hit the pool later on or something...
oh what a hard life ;]


  1. I think it's wonderful that you have things planned out, and know what you want to do with your life. Spontaneity is fun in romance, but I find that I too always plan everything out - the perfectionist in me, as well. I suppose it has to do with wanting to know that you can make the best of whatever time you have at that particular moment.

    Can you believe it's the end of August, and despite the fact that I live in Southern California I have been to the beach all of 0 times? I would love to do that before the summer comes to a complete end. Though I'm sure I won't.

    That book does look quite interesting - and the cover model looks so much like Rachel Weisz (though it's not). Wonderful find - definitely something to look forward to come September 8! :)

  2. I have seen Crystal Renn all over the media as of late -- and i can't tell you how thrilled i am that she's speaking out for beautiful and HEALTHY woman! her story is astounding and really puts in to perspective how amazing recovery can be!

    oh summer - where have you gone?! tis sad!

  3. What a wonderful goal to have for your future, Emily. We women do tend to beat ourselves up for a multitude of things. They say that wisdom comes with age, but it sure would be nice if we could feel comfortable in our own skin in all phases of our lives. Not sure how old you have to be to finally get it...I suppose I'm close, but in the meantime thank God for swim skirts (we just returned from vacation). I remember that when I was skinny (a long time ago) I thought I was fat. So much time wasted. Keep reaching for your goals because you can make a difference.