Sunday, August 23, 2009

a package for me?!

So I'm back..because I promised some news!

look what came yesterday --

*excuse the plastic casing*

AH isn't it pretty! I can't wait to set it up so I can stop camping out on my floor, I have to get the right size mattress though. Packages are the best thing ever...its like Christmas when the mail man comes and has a package FOR YOU. Now in our technological society there is hardly any snail mail to get excited about -- but that wasn't the case for me yesterday :]

I also did a little shopping yesterday and came across these babies --

It was love at first sight..and by the time I found those sandals I was already head over heals in love with these pretty ladies --

They are sooooo comfy and thanks to a buy one get one half off sale you betcha I got them. I also got some solid color v-necks from Old can never have enough of those!

Today I went to the fair with a gal pal of mine and let me tell you -- IT WAS HOT! I was burnin up out there under that sun, but I'm not complaining, it was gorgeous out. My excitement about my sandals led me to wear them and well...

...they hurt my feet to say the least...but that won't stop me from wearing them again!

Me and my friend Allison bought these adorable button rings for only 3 bucks!
(thats my ring on the right)

It was a fun day -- got to talk with two girls I hadn't seen in a while and see some local people too. And check out this photography...

amazing right?!! Allison gets credit -- she is a incredible photographer!
Thats it for today..oh and about the garage sale..a total BUMMER! We made very little out of what we were selling, but oh well..I think we are just gonna blame it on the rain!
bye for now
I'll probably post tomorrow :]


  1. oh the bed looks comfy cozy :) as do those moccasins! ah.. i LIVE in my ugg moccs in the winter *and maybe i've slipped in to 'em a couple times in the summer too ;)*

    p.s. you.are.gorgeous!

  2. I so want a pair of moccasins. The ones you found are darling what with the little peace signs and all. Though I'm sorry your sandals (which are gorgeous) were so painful. Maybe you could add a little cushioning to them to alleviate some of the pain?

    It's so funny that you said "it's like Christmas when the mailman comes and has a package for you." That is such a spot on observation; and, to be quite honest, I always shout out "It's Christmas!" when I realize that it's something for me. Sad, but very, very true. :)

  3. can she take my picture? you look awesome!