Thursday, August 6, 2009

Changing it up.

I'm back again.

This time though to update you on how I've been spending my summer. This summer has been...uneventful to say the least, so to distract my mind from the beach vacation I so desperately want, I've been in the process of redecorating my room. My love for art and design on top of my need for change spurred this idea. While it has been planned for many months, my mom and I are just now getting to it. My room has changed many times over the years, which to me is just a reflection of my taste. So in between long days at the pool, I've torn apart my room and my mom has painted over the bright orange walls with....beige. I'm going for the hollywood regency look; eclectic, glamorous, and lots of sparkle. I want my bed to be big and fluffy, all in monochromatic beiges, cremes, and grays. I'll post before and after pictures soon!

I plan to buy this dresser after I win the lottery ;]

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  1. If I win the lottery, the dresser is yours...and a trip to LA to see HOLLYWOOD regency in raw form.Steph