Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So in regards to last post -- today was a bit of a shocker for me. I woke up to my mom telling me she had talked to the doctor and that my blood work had shown I wasn't in good shape, this essentially meant that the hospital was trying to find a bed for me. BIG WAKE UP CALL. Immediately right then and there I decided to turn things around -- I want to do it myself -- not have a feeding tube do it for me. As the day went on I got good news from my mom that the health issues weren't as alarming as they had thought. I know what its like not to have options, this morning it was the hospital...and that was it. Now I have a choice and I choose to fight this battle myself, with help of course, but from the hospital NO WAY. I want to say that I beat this thing with all that was in me. So here it is in are my witnesses, readers, bloggers..whatever you would like to be called: ED is on my hit list and apparently I'm on his.

In turning over this somewhat new leaf, I have to wonder, what's the biggest wake up call you've ever had?

p.s. Thanks for being supportive <33


  1. your so strong, i believe you can do this too!

  2. yes girl! i think this is the motivation that you need! sometimes it takes reaching rock bottom for us to truly commit ourselves to recovery. Just keep telling yourself -- YOU CAN DO THIS!